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I'm getting nervous about my tummy tuck in 2 weeks?

  • Natalie5078
  • 3 years ago

My pre-op is July 5. What kinds of questions should I ask? My surgery is scheduled for July 14. I am having a tuck with liposuction of the flanks. I already take multi vitamins. I already picked up my meds. And I already got my labs back. I guess my biggest fear is being put under, and getting a blood clot. Words of experience and encouragement appreciated.

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Thanks ladies the day is approaching so quick. But in a few days I will be on my way to recovery.
I think it's completely natural to have concerns and even second thoughts when facing ANY surgery. The fact that we're doing something deemed "elective" just gives us another reason to have doubts.

However make NO mistake - my TT surgery was absolutely the best thing I have EVER done for myself and I love my results. The only complaint I have is I should have done it sooner. You will be fine and although each journey is different, I'm certain you will love the results. You deserve it!

Best Wishes and take care!
Thank you so much I prob won't feel comfy until two weeks post-op I'm trying to calm my nerves. How's your pain management?
I just had my TT on Tuesday and I had all of your concerns. I forgot to ask my PS a bunch of questions because I was so nervous so I just e-mailed the clinic and the nurse answered them all for me. They were fantastic that way.
I was terrified of being put under, even when they put the IV in I had visions of "bolting" down the street in my gown! My last question to the nurse was "am I crazy for doing this?". I woke up just fine. Now I am moving every hour or two to alleviate and risk of blood clots. You will be fine and will not regret this at all! Take care.