Nervous about BBL . Any advice ?

  • Butterhoney
  • New Brunswick, NJ
  • 2 years ago

I'm getting a BBL with Dr.Markman on the 13 of April. I'm getting nervous . I'm worrying about blood clots and being under anesthesia for 8 hours . And the post op . Laying on my stomach for 3 weeks. Dr.Markman gave specific instructions not to sit or bend for three weeks . How will I be able to use the Bathroom ( #2) if I can't sit ? I have a female urinal for #1. Yesterday I read about a girl who had a deformity after 6 months . I asked her what happened but she didn't get back to me yet. Also I'm hiring a nursing assistant but I'm not sure of how many days I should hire her/him for . And the pain. How will I be able to withstand it ? If any can give me advice I would really appreciate it .