Nerve damage and some questions

  • ArturoB
  • Plano, TX
  • 3 years ago

It's been exactly 2 weeks since my abdomynoplasty. Since day one I've a issue. The outer side of my left thigh was numb  and, depending on how I moved, I felt a great pain in it, like something burning. At the hospital the doctors suspected it was nerve damage due to the anesthesia. Two days latter, when I removed the hospital bandages (which were pretty tight) I've found out a point below the surgery  cut, next to the head of the femur, which, when pressed, caused that pain at my tight. I've called my doctor and he said it was indeed nerve damage but due to the surgery itself. He said that my nerve had been damaged but it was not completely cut, because I could feel pain when it was pressed BELOW the cut. Later, on further examination, he found out that the same pain could be caused when pressing somewhere below my left ribs. This has been the only pain I felt since the surgery. It just hurts when I move in a way which causes the nerve to be pressed but, when it does, it hurts a lot. This is highly aggravated by the use of the compression garments but I've found out it also hurts sometimes without it. My question is: will the numbness go away? Will the pain go away? I'm a very sportive guy and it would be death to me not to be able to practice sports ever again. The doctor said the pain will certainly go away and the numbness will also probably go (he said there's a possibility it will not). I've scheduled a visit to a neurosurgeon but it will take some time and the fear of living with this pain forever is killing me. Have anyone ever experienced this? What can the doctors tell me? Is it possible it will cause my muscles to permanently atrophy like this guy's? Thank you guys very much. I'll post some pictures soon.