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negativity from family members

  • mandyo97
  • Man, WV
  • 1 year ago

i have had my heart and mind set on a tummy tuck for some time now. finances have prevented it, until now. and now that i have that worked out, i have 2 family members telling me that i'm being selfish for spending the $ on this n telling me to get over myself! i have worked hard to loose 80 lbs, its frustrating to have to deal with loose saggy skin after the weight loss and having 4 kids! my kids have everything they want and need and ive made sacrafices from day one to see to it. they are older now, and want for nothing. my house is full of electronics, driveway looks like a small car lot, top dollar earphones and name brand clothing...and now im the selfish one?! i apologize for the venting, but it irritates me that ppl, esp family, would be so unsupportive and judgemental! esp considering that they dont live in my home or contribute to my financial status in any way. jealousy? perhaps. hoping they can talk me out of it so theres more $ available for lunches, shopping trips, and weekends at the beach, which i have paid in full many times with them in tow?  probably so! they sure weren't calling me selfish then! has anyone else dealt with this neagativity concerning your cosmetic procedures?