neck lipo lumps, pain, swelling in 4th week..neck is a mess, very ashamed

  • Forlorn
  • New Jersey
  • 3 years ago

Hi...I am writing to get all up to neck smart lipo is still not showing any positive results.  I am in the middle of week 4 and my neck and chin are swelled up like little rope balloons.  My chin and neck are hot to the touch and hurt if I even tap the areas.  They are hard and show no signs of improvement each day.  I am a mess and wearing scarves each day and am so ashamed.  I spent ten K and look way way way worse than I ever did.  Does this every go away or am I scarred for life?  I will have to hide...I can't do this much job is almost in the toilet as I am wearing gauze and scarves each day to hide the hideous neck or necks should I say.  What do I do now?  The surgeon wanted nothing to do with it and said it was fine..can you imagine!!!  I am so disgusted and wish he went thru the surgery so he could walk around with 3 hard necks where there was one and a disfigured face.  I am so sorry that I did this.  My advice is stay with what you have ...this is all hype.     Forlorn

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I am going through exactly the same thing. Tomorrow will be week 5 and I look hideous! Did your neck improve over time?


I'm really sorry to hear what you're going through, Forlorn. :( You may also want to post on the Doctor Q&A Forum for some professional opinions. They might have some tips for getting rid of the lumps (I know massage sometimes helps).