NECK & FACE LIFT, & EYELID SURGERY. Which Surgeon? Average cost of face & neck lift combo?

  • 3 months ago

I've consulted with Dr. Parham Ganchi, Richard D'Amico, and Dr. Kassir.  It seems I'm deciding between the last 2.  Has anyone had work done by either surgeon?Dr. D'Amico was head on with what I needed, but I didn't care for his "bed side manner".  Dr. Kassir in Wayne seems to have the most experience and is very well known.  However, his prices seem to be way over the other 2 consults.  Help.......All 3 surgeons charge about the same for the eyelid surgery.  However, the face and neck lift varied.  I just need to know the average cost of a face and neck lift combo.My MAIN issue is.......Since the neck lift also pulls up the jowls do I really need the face lift too.  I have bags but I'm told the lower eyelid surgery will help with the bags.I'm totally comfortable with having the neck lift and eyelid surgery.  However, I'm not too sure about a full face lift.