What natural skincare product has stimulated your collagen growth?

  • 8 years ago

I’ve heard that my wrinkles are caused by a decrease in collagen production. Assuming this is true, are there natural wrinkle treatments or means (i.e. not plastic surgery like collagen injections) to boost my collagen levels and self-repair the wrinkles?

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here is a great article that seems like it would be ideal for you. http://usnews.bestproductsmade.com/best-practices-for-increasing-collagen-production/

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try natureleyes. I tried almost eveyrhting but my skin is pretty sensitive so some even burned a little and in the end i found natureleyes. cant remember what site it was on but im sure a search engine will help you. i got it online, i remember that much but its natural so no more burning and it lifts instantly. works for me, hope this helped. good luck and works on smile lines as well
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www.google.com can help you more.
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Hi there I just wanted to add that different skin types have different needs. My skin does not respond to Glycolic Acid, and I had a few very bad reactions from it.(perhaps I am allergic to it). However I respond amazingly well to Lactic acid. ALso my skin in my late 20s only needed Retin A but now that's not enough, its becoming too thin almost like I am losing fat in there. I still use Retin A but now supplement it with weekly Lactic acid peels. I have tried Dermarolling also (the tiny acupunture on your skin) and its not for light hearted. You WILL have puncture wounds all over your face, and I work with people every day - so it's not for me. Now I am also use silicone sheeting to target my wrinkles and that has been really helpful. Your skin will immediately respond with nice softness. As far as creams go I have yet to find any product that actually works!
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Are you using 0.50mm roller as this shouldnt create puncture wounds at all and your skin should return from a slight sunburn look(when done at night)to normal by morning!Maybe you are using too long a needle(1.50mm)?

Might Tazorac or Renova build collagen as well as Retin-A? What should my use of AHA's or AHA scrub be during use of Tazorac or Renova?

Mary B.
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It is true that your collagen production is reduced as you age.  It is also reduced in total due to breakdown exceeding production.  There are also changes in elastic fibers.  All of these natural intrinsic changes are combined with extrinsic changes ie. sun damage to produce wrinkles, discoloration and other age related changes.  

The only topical product shown to improve collagen on a microscopic level and therefore wrinkles is retin-A.  This can be obtained by prescription or in some skin care lines. 

Other topical products that can help skin are also available, but none has been shown to improve collagen on a scientific level.  The other important topical is sunscreen.  Minimizing the extrinsic damage will sustain you skin over time. 

Beyond that you are looking at some sort of medical/surgical intervention that can be anywhere from hyaluronic acid injections, (better than collagen) to fractionated lasers to ablative skin resurfacing.  All of which can be used to build up and remodel damaged and reduced collagen.   

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You may want to try a procedure called collagen induction therapy. This is a procedure where a roller with tiny acupuncture is rolled over the skin to induce a micro trauma causing collagen production. There are 3 levels to the skin rolling- a home version, an esthetician version and a medical version. The procedure has been called the poor man's Fraxel because it basically does what the laser does by causing the body to produce collagen.
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where do you find the "poor man's" version of Fraxel? I've never heard of this!
Could you tell me where to get these products for the roller for tiny acupuncture and what product is used. I certainly cannot afford the outrageous costs professionals are charging but do need help. Thank you.
Ladies...all these products sound great and I'm sure they do a great job, but you can save TONS of money and make these same products at home. The enzyme exfolient is fruit enzymes. You can mash up almost any fruit (papaya is a nice one), put it on your face, leave it on for a few minutes, and voila, you've saved tons of money and are getting essentially the same thing. Would you seriously pay $90 for fruit? If you buy these products, that's exactly what you're doing. You can buy ALL the ingredients available in pricey designer products, mix them together and have your very own, custom product. Personally, I mix my own DMAE, ALA, Hyaluronic Aicd cream. It costs me less than $4 for a one ounce jar. The only thing you cannot buy over the counter is retinol, but you can buy retin A, Vitamin A, etc., which are pretty close the the RX Retinol. I let the big guys do the research, then I look at the ingredients, and create my own. Most of the ingredients listed are for the cream base, then the actives are mixed in. Buy a good cream base, add the actives, and you have the perfect skincare product.
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What is your recipe for the cream you make?
Could you please tell me the recipe for the cream. I do not know what DMAE and ALA, Hyaluronic Acid creams are and what vitamins to add. Your recipe sounds wonderful and I would really like to try it. Thank you for your help.
I am interested in the natural recipe for the base cream in the post above
I agree..have been making my own products.My skin has never been better!
Thank You!
what is a good cream base?
leading dermatologists will recommend you get a glycolic as well as a antioxidant product. M.D. FORTÉ is known for glycolics. For antioxidants you'll see lots of doctors recommending Prevage. Prevage has idebenone (a derivative of the important CoQ10 compound) and you can only get the 1% concentration at the dermatologist. .5% idebenone Prevage is available at nordstrom and other skin care stores.
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For wrinkles, your best bet is to use a retinoid (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac), and for firming/building collagen (thickening the dermis) then GHK and AHK copper peptides (such as those found in Neova products) should help. Ideally, you'd use the retinoid at night, and the copper peptide product in the morning (do not use anything else besides sunscreen over your CP product - it doesn't react well with AHAs or Vitamin C, from what I've read ...). Hope that helps - good luck! :-)
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