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Natural (and very cheap) alternatives to Botox

  • antiagingman29
  • 7 months ago

I was wondering if we could share on this forum or if there is another part of realself where we can share strategies for increasing facial volume naturally.I appreciate that much of the research on the causes of volume loss may be accurate but I am basically convinced that some of the medical research in this area is incorrect, that there is a gap in knowledge and that there is a bias toward the publication of research which supports cosmetic surgery (maybe this is the wrong site for writing this!!).  I personally think that facial exercises do work for instance, where many doctors believe that they do no work.  There is an absence of evidence but this is not evidence of absence.  I just think it is hard to perceive and no one who promotes facial exercises has the means to fund an expensive clinical trial  However, facial exercises only make the muscles shorter and the face more lifted, it does nothing for facial volume unless you count the changes in muscle volume but I think it is fat we are most concerned with..I just feel somehow if we work together we might be able to find a solution which involves restoring facial fat to the face and then manipulating that fat with facial exercises).  I know it may not restore the exact proportions of youth but neither does Botox!!  I think that perhaps some of the change in facial volume may be explained by hormonal changes.  E.g. If Progesterone and Estrogen are out of balance (e.g. Estrogen Dominance) then peoples legs get very fat (and abdomen?) and I believe there are other distribution changes (this happens to us all I think but particularly to those who are stressed).  I am not a clinician (I am a medical statistician)  but where does that fat to the legs come from?  Is it the face?  What about other hormone changes?  What about other hormonal ratio imbalances that occur through age?  If you buy a progesterone cream you can restore the balance and herbs such as ginger affect other hormones.  I have noticed changes in facial fat from the things I have been doing.  I have a lot more to share but is anyone else on this forum interested?