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Nasolabial folds, laugh lines and under eye bags.

  • italianbread
  • NYC
  • 3 months ago

Hi all! I'm a 22 yr old girl who has always had issues with nasolabial folds and laugh lines. They became a lot more prominent around age 14 or so, once I started losing my baby fat (although I was never "fat" so a huge amount of weight loss didn't really occur). I also smile a ton as a nervous reflex, which I guess hasn't really helped matters either. At about 16 I noticed the development of circles under my eye and they've only gotten deep and darker as the years go by, to my chagrin. At 5'2, I naturally (as in, do not diet whatsoever or work out insanely) weigh ~90 lbs. I've always been on the small side and do not gain weight; I think my low body weight exacerbates these issues and makes my face look sunken and tired. When I was underage it was great -- usually could pass for 21 at 15! But now, at 22, I kind of wish I looked my age for once. I've used sunscreen religiously since I was 15, I am a champion moisturizer, drink tonsa water, don't smoke/drink/do drugs, avoid caffeine, eat very healthily and do yoga, yada yada yada. It's just my face / genetics.I am interested in maybe using a filler to help with the folds and lines - but am not sure if it's a cheek problem or a fold issue. Also interested in underneath the eyes.Any input you guys may have would be appreciated: if you think juverderm is the best filler to use and if you think what I want is achievable and advisable. Attached are pictures of what I have now, anonymized, and my desired result thanks to Photoshop.

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