Nasal implant revision

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  • 4 years ago

Hello, I had my 1st rhinoplasty 9 years ago, and was unhappy with the extremely over-opperated, scooped out look my surgeon did, so 2 years later I had an eptfe I shaped dorsal implant put in to correct the sever slope my nose had. I was somehow under the impression that these eptfee implants give the surgeon a lot of leverage when it comes to shaping the nose, and I agreed to have the implant put in after I liked the digital imaging he showed me. But, unfortunately it did not come out like that at all, I believe he gave me a saddle nose for some reason (maybe he was offended by me not liking the original resultls?) I went back to him for the 2nd rhino bc i had very little money left and he did it for half cost, and i thought he would really put an effort in the 2nd time, but i know now, that was a stupid mistake.

I promised myself after the 2nd time i would just "live with it" no matter how it came out,bc i never want to go thru that whole process again, but I am really unhappy with the saddle shape it has always had since he put the implant in. Would this be very hard to correct, i really want that unnatural bump gone, but I really dont want to go the non-surgical route bc i think a part of the implant (or all?) has to be removed to give a nice straight profile, what do you think? Do you think i got a revenge rhinoplasty instead of a revision? I was always 100% extremely diplomatic and polite, and understanding w the surgeon. And his final advice was "its just a nose, u shouldnt be that worried about it" maybe he's right?? 

Thanks so much your help and opinions, your time is very greatly appreciated,

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Your photo is quite blurry, which makes it difficult to judge. I can see that your nose isn't perfectly straight, but I think it looks pretty good, with just the right amount of character. You might want to check out our rhinoplasty revision community to get more info. Thanks for posting here on RealSelf!

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