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RE: Can my nasal implant be removed?

  • 4 years ago

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I need advice. I have an implant on my nose for 5 months already. After couple weeks of the surgery my nose get red and itchy. Look like i had couple pimples in it and when i pushed down some kind of white stuff came out. It is not really hurt but kind itchy , a little red . I went back to my doctor and he checked and said is not infected , he gave me a cream to put on my nose, but for 2 months already it still had couple pimples in there and still has some white stuff came out. But It get less red and itchy. I also went to the dermatology they took the culture and sent to the lab they said negative . now they sent me to test for allergy ?? Is my skin is allergy with this silicone?? do i need to change for a different brand silicone ? or i have to take it out ???
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Hi Tammy, Hi, I am also an asian girl who has EXACTLY the same case as yours. I had the nose implant removed after 1 month of insertion. Its been a year and my nose shape does not go back to its pre-op state. My nose is bigger and higher since and looks very unnatural. I am very worried and wonder how is the progress with you nose?
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