Remove nasal implant or wait and see?

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I am 30 years old Asian male, two weeks ago I underwent rhinoplasty. When I woke up from anesthesia was told that I got a Medpor Implant. (I was not informed before the surgery) and I was very gutted for obvious reasons one was I did not like a plastic inside my nose and second was the upturned appearence it gave. Can someone give me some opinion if I have to wait and see how it looks after the swelling subsides or Should I get the implant removed no matter how the nose shape turns out


Its been two weeks post op and I still have the crookedness. My questions are do i have to get the Implant (Medpor) removed or replaced with autologous graft and is the crookedness going to be straitened once the swelling subsides.

Any advice on this will be very appreciated.

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mine looks even worse, take a look at my photos
I have the same nightmare :'( I got a madpor nasal implant about 3 months ago, and so far my nose looks horrible. I talked to my dr and I show how I look on pic, how Terrible my profile looks , and He says that I have to wait at lest 9 months to see the final results. I'm so upset! How much are the possibilities to remove this implant?

I'm so sorry you went through this. Here is what some doctors have to say about removing nasal implants.