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Nasal Hump Removal Evaluation

  • nbafan24
  • 3 years ago

Hello, First time posting here. I broke my nose when I was a teenager and somehow my nose developed a huge nasal hump over the years. The bridge of my nose used to be straight prior to the sports incident. I am looking to get rid of the hump. Before I schedule any official consultation with a surgeon, I'd like to hear some feedback first. Couple quick questions: 1)Whats the rough estimate of a nasal hump removal in Northern NJ? (I'm not trying to get any other operation even though I know I have a receding chin. I just want to correct the hump originating from the injury) 2)How much do consultations typically cost? Are they free? I want to get a lot before choosing a surgeon but wasnt sure if they were costly? 3)Be honest..there is no backing out, I should get this nose fixed? I would love to save the money but I am upset I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got hit in the nose. Thanks so much!!