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Nasal Hump Removal Evaluation

  • nbafan24
  • 3 years ago

Hello, First time posting here. I broke my nose when I was a teenager and somehow my nose developed a huge nasal hump over the years. The bridge of my nose used to be straight prior to the sports incident. I am looking to get rid of the hump. Before I schedule any official consultation with a surgeon, I'd like to hear some feedback first. Couple quick questions: 1)Whats the rough estimate of a nasal hump removal in Northern NJ? (I'm not trying to get any other operation even though I know I have a receding chin. I just want to correct the hump originating from the injury) 2)How much do consultations typically cost? Are they free? I want to get a lot before choosing a surgeon but wasnt sure if they were costly? 3)Be honest..there is no backing out, I should get this nose fixed? I would love to save the money but I am upset I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got hit in the nose. Thanks so much!!

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting to RealSelf. I hope you'll find this site to be a helpful and supportive resource as you navigate your way through a potential rhinoplasty. Here's a link that might be helpful to guide you in finding a rhinoplasty surgeon in your area. The fee for each surgeon's consultation varies. Some will waive the fee. You'll have to call each individual office and check. Others charge.

Getting your nose fixed is a personal decision and no one can tell you what you should do. You have to ask yourself how much it bothers you and go from there.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your decision.


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