nair acne rash

  • la90212
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2 years ago

i developed an acne rash a couple of hours after applying nair. just wanted to see what other people have used to make it go away. gonna see a doctor today since the rash hasnt cleared up in 7 days. already tried benzoyl peroxide, hydrocortisone, Aloe vera...

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Oh man, that looks uncomfortable. What did your doctors say. Did he or she give you a prescription for a topical steroid?

the doctors just said that it was an allergic reaction. a doctor online told me that it was just a body's immune response to the harsh chemicals. since then, i was able to use a cvs nair generic with no pimples. nair for men also caused pimples, but not as bad as nair shower power max. i've noticed that cvs generic has slightly different ingredients with no urea. it took a while for pimples to clear up, but hyperpigmentation is still there and it that usually takes longer. used retin a and hydroquinone in ambi to clear it up, but it takes a while, and the body seems to heal on its own