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Is it really possible to have my Tummy Tuck covered by Saskatchewan Health?

  • HopefulMe
  • 1 year ago

I have had 2 c-sections (twins the 1st time and a singleton the next time) and thus have a lot of excess skin hangoff. I have been having issues with skin infections underneath the flap so I went to see my GP to find out if there is something other than putting different medicated creams on. He felt that due to having C-sections and the skin infections that I might be covered by Saskatchewan Health for a Tummy Tuck and has sent a referral to a Plastic Surgeon in Regina, Saskatchewan. Is this really a possibility?

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Did u get covered? Did u get surgery yet or r u still on wait list
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I'm still waiting for initial consultation. Long story short the 1st referral never made it to a plastic surgeon, the 2nd referral I got I found out 6 months later her retired so now am waiting AGAIN but should hear within a month or so. I'll keep ya posted
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Ok well I just thought I'd let you know they do cover it!!! I just had mine done on Tuesday..... I also know someone else who had it covered.
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Great, Thanks!
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