How Can I Tell my Teacher's About Why I Am Absent for Two Days?

  • chocolatemonkey
  • 1 year ago

I'm going to have the miraDry procedure and I will be missing two days (if not more) from school. I know my armpits will be sore and in all of my classes, we write a lot of notes (over 200-300 words in 40 minutes). How do I tell my teachers that I have hyperhidrosis and was absent because I had the miraDry procedure? If I say I had surgery, they'll ask why did you need surgery (I know miraDry isn't surgery). So how can I tell my teachers I have hyperhidrosis?

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I think it's nice or your teacher to show concern, but you can politely say that you'll be gone for a medical procedure. If he or she continues to ask for more information, you can always say that it's a private matter but you'll be happy to get him or her a physician's note so he/she will know when you can be fully back and able to function.
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Reading between the lines a bit, I'm assuming you feel somewhat uncomfortable or embarrassed telling them you have hyperhidrosis and have decided to do a treatment for it. For me, I find that being honest with people about such things is often the best approach. You could start out by telling them what hyperhidrosis is, that you have it, how it affects your day to day life, and that you have decided to take a proactive step to try to improve things. Do you think you would feel comfortable taking that approach?

If not, perhaps you could just tell them you will be gone for a medical treatment, then ask the doctor who treats you to write you a note that you received a treatment at their office and needed some downtime so that the teachers will know you were telling the truth, but you wouldn't of had to tell your personal information.

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