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My surgery is scheduled on Thursday!!!! I am going crazy!!!!

  • Mz Carla
  • Riverdale, Il
  • 2 years ago

Ladies, I am scheduled for my Tummy Tuck on Thursday and I am having 2nd thoughts,, I really want to do it but the going to sleep part is driving me nuts...... please advise..

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How do I upload more photos?
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I made it ladies!!!! Thank god!!!! I am n pain!! I been throwing up, is this normal?? I can't sleep... Tries to lay n bed, that didn't work,,, need to put something on my stomach but I'm scared I may vomit again?? What can I do??
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I'm here!! Waiting,,,,.cant believe I'm doing it, not feeling to nervous, just want it done asap!!
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Thank u Mz Cola!! this of great information!
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any last suggestions of what i need to purchase before the surgery...... going to get pillow, fruit, prescription, crackers, bath seat,
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I've been collecting tips from different sites & video diaries on YouTube. Here's what I have so far:

Pre-Op Shopping List
1. XL panties
2. Pill box
3. Thermometer
4. Big sweats
5. Button up pajama shirts/gowns
6. Crackers
7. Breakfast tray
8. Anti-bacterial Dial soap
9. Men Tank top/wife beaters
10. Cranberry juice
11. Ginger Ale
12. Shower chair
13. Milk of Magnesia
14. Fruit
15. Elastic exercise band for drains and pain pump during shower
16. Protein shakes
17. Moist towelettes/Baby wipes
18. Vitamin C & B12
19. Hot water bottles/heat pads
20. Ice pack/cold compress
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More helpful tips:

* Make time for yourself before your surgery; pour a bath, light some candles, listen to some music - relax. Try to gather your thoughts and soothe your mind.

*The night before (and with some surgeons for 3 days before) you may be asked to wash with Dial Antibacterial or Hibiclens soap to help rid your body of its naturally occurring Staph on the skin's surface - you don't want a Staph infection!

*Wash your hair the night before surgery - it may be a long time before you get to do that again.

*Remove any fingernail and toenail polish.
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I am having so many crazy thoughts,, is this normal?? I'm feeling like I'm going to pass away on the table,,, like something is going to go wrong, like I won't have a flat stomach,, wondering how the rest of my body will look... Considering not doing it al all... Plz advise.....
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I can relate. My surgery isn't until August and I'm thinking like that. I live in L.A. and keep wondering, "What if there's an earthquake in the middle of my surgery???" But I am sure you will be just fine. How exciting for you. Please be sure to let us know how it goes! :D
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Thanks ladies,, nayd80, please let me know how it goes
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HI Mz Carla it's normal mean is tomorrow and I'm going nuts right now. will do just fine.
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Do it girlie!!   You will be fine and we are all here to support you:)

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