My story. Need your advice.

  • CorneliaUK
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 1 year ago

Hi all you ladies out there, I hope you can help me. I have thought about having a breast reduction for as long as I can remember in my adult life. I developed breasts when I was 10 years old, I had a C cup by the age of 14. I have been 34G for the past 5 years or so. I have problems with back, neck & shoulder pain, rashes under my breasts (a lot worse in the summer) & not being able to find tops / swimming costumes / bras that fit properly. If i go for a long walk I will eventually get such bad rashes under my breasts that I am in tears afterwards - as you all understand in the same situation, this makes exercising a nightmare. I finally plucked up the courage to talk to my GP about this & she was very understanding, however she said that all patients seeking this type of operation have been denied the surgery due to state funding budget cuts in the NHS (national health services here in the UK). I then spoke to my private health insurance company & they said that they dont cover breast reduction either. Sigh! I spent a whole evening crying about this (took so much courage to finally talk to someone about it) & feeling very low. I spoke to my boyfriend about it (I have mentioned it to him many times) & he said that he finally realised just how much I need this / want this & he is supporting me 100%.   A week ago after countless of hours of reseach & many phone calls later, I have decided to have my first consultation with a PS that works at a private hospital, he's on the BAPRAS register (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons) & he comes well recommended. I spoke to his assistant & she was very helpful & sweet. My consultation is on friday 4 January 2013 & I have compiled a list of questions from reading all your comments & fabulous posts. I want the result to be a C cup, but would be happy with a small D as well.   The cost here in the UK for the surgery is £5250 (approx $8500 USD) to have it done privately. As soon as I start thinking too much about the amount of money that I will be spending on this, I get chills. But then I remind myself that I have thought about this on & off for about 9-10 years & every 3-4 months of the past decade I have been in tears over my damn breasts, cursing them and researching breast reduction operation, so I try to tell myself that its not something new - but for whatever reason, it still feels like its all of a sudden happening SO FAST. Weird!!   If all goes well with the consultation and everything, i am planning to have it done in mid May - end of May 2013. This is the quietest time for me work wise and I want to be able to not stress about work at all when I am recovering.   I am 28 Years old, 163cm tall (5'4'') & weigh 75kg (165 pounds). My breast size is 34G.   The biggest fear / concern in my head at the moment is that the PS is going to say that I cant have it done because I am overweight & I would need to loose a lot of weight before the surgery. I know I am not skinny by a long way, but I have more or less always been this weight. I was skinnier about 5-6 years ago, when I was around 22 but my bra size was still an E or an F cup then and I had the same problems with rashes, back ache etc.   I really dont think I could loose significant amount of weight in my current situation.   I am also worried that for some reason I am not considered 'big enough' for surgery, I know its my decision to have it done, but I would hate for the PS to think that it wasnt needed. I have attached a photo of what they look like (never in my life thought id be posting naked pictures of myself online!!).   All of your thoughts, experiences, advice would be hugely helpful. I am so glad I found this forum, I dont know anyone who has the same problems with their breasts - so finding all of you out there with the same problems - means so much to me already. Sending lots of love to all of you in recovery (I have read so many of your stories and I am so proud of you all even though i dont even know you) and all of you thinking of having BR done.   Take care & merry christmas x x x