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Not Sure about getting my son Invisalign

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  • 1 year ago

invisalign is what my son wants. My older son had regular braces so I am not sure what to do. They are more expensive than regular braces and I don't think there us enough info out there about them. We will check it out and make a decision. Anyone let their kid get invisalign? What made you go that way?

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Both invisalign and braces can work equally well when used properly. The biggest difference for children/ teenagers, is that braces are fixed to the teeth, whereas invisalign is removable. So, compliance is the biggest issue. You will know your child best, and if you feel that they will wear their retainers the recommended 22 hours per day, every day until treatment is complete, then they will have no issues. However, if they aren't great with responsibility yet, then fixed braces may be the way to go. Hopefully this helps.
My orthodontist says he will not do invisalign for teenagers unless he is convinced that they have the self discipline and dedication to keep their teeth scrupulously clean. He has only one such patient.

Here is a forum with other parents who have allowed their kids to get Invisalign. You might reach out to them and ask how it ended up going:

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