My silicone gel implants are 35 years old. MRI shows intracapsular rupture but doesn't rule out extracapsular. ANYONE?

  • MistyLady
  • 1 year ago

My implants are beneath the pectoral muscle. My wonderful surgeon who did the surgery died prematurely so I have no access to my medical records.  However, the name Dow Corning rings a bell--I had had saline implants previously and I hated them.  I remember my doctor showing me these gel forms that resembled Steuben glass---and he demonstrated how naturally they moved.  And I remember thinking that it was ironic that a company like that could produce something so beautiful. Does anyone know how to find out if this silicone has leaked out to my lymph nodes?   Was the silicone gel implant of choice 35 years ago made by Dow Corning? thank you for any info you can share.