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Is my scarring normal? im really concerned after breast lift?? please help??

  • xlawriex
  • 1 year ago

I flew from the UK to istanbul 7 days ago for breast uplift surgery. It was half the cost of surgery in the UK, and as im doing my teacher training i have no secure income so had to go with the best priced option. I found a reptable company who arranged every bit of the medical break. They sent me my surgeons CV and i researched him looking at various reviews. I am now back in the UK and worried sick about the bottom scar/stiching that is left. It seems extremley creased and un-even. Ive looked at loads of pictures from others having the same surgey and they don't have simular scarring. I understand its very early on but some advise would be great. I used to wear a 34e, but had hardly any firmness or fullness in my breasts since having my son and rapidly losing the baby weight. The doctor advised me against an implant he said i didnt need one for what i wanted to achieve. Im now gutted i didnt have one as my breasts seem so small :( can someone please let me know if they have suffered the same issues. Many thanks :)

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Glad to see in your profile that you are getting responses from the doctors in the Q&A. I would also suggest using some type of anti scarring cream too. As the doctors mentioned, it will take some time for your creasing to fill out and hopefully look more natural. If you're still unhappy in a few months, you may want to get second opinion. Take care!