My right eyebrow is drooping and I'm only 16, what is wrong with me? :(

  • mOnOcHrOmEwOrLd
  • Pennsylvania
  • 1 year ago

 About 2 months ago I think, was the first time my eyebrow started to droop and the skin above it looked like it was pushed down, it's hard to describe, but the skin above one eyebrow is flat and the other is normal.. At first I wasn't really worried about it, until I saw that it was pushing the skin of my upper eyelid down. It wasn't bad at first, because it wasn't painful or anything, but my eye looked smaller than the other, because of the fat around it. You could especially tell by looking at the side of my eye, there is a lot of fat there where the eyebrow is pushed down. It started getting worse to the point where it is painful on the skin above my eyebrow hurts, and there are actually bumps under the skin above my eyebrow, and I recently started having these really bad eyebrow twitches I can't control them and they hurt really bad. What could be causing my skin to be like this? I don't understand, I'm only sixteen, and it's really hurting my self-esteem, and it's really uncomfortable:/ What surgery would be best to fix this problem, and is it possible that insurance can cover the cost? Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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Thanks for your post! That sounds super frustrating. It's really hard to give you much good feedback without photos, but you might want to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic or oculoplastic surgeon to find out what can be done for you. If you get a vision field test and it shows that your skin is obstructing your vision, insurance might pay. Please let us know what you decide to do!

It is :/ since then it has gotten even worse, on both eyes now, it looks like i'm angry all the time when i don't raise my eyebrows, and it makes my eyes look really small. The skin on my upper eyelids has gotten even fatter and now one eyebrow is really noticable that it drooped. :( If you don't mind me asking, how would I go about doing that? How do you check to see if they are board certified? and is any facial plastic surgeon okay? Thanks, where can I get one of those? (: and Thank you for the response! (: