my rhinoplasty story ..drama

  • nothappy111
  • casablanca
  • 5 months ago

Dear realselfers.Just like many of you ,I need revision rhinoplasty to fix a bad primary. I'm writing this to share and to get advice as well. this is the hardest worst experience on my life. I am crying as I am writing thiS. I can t get over the fact that I lost everything I used to love about my nose. I have many sad feelings, fear,guilt, pain, hurt, insecurity, anxiety , depression...I cry everyday, I pray everyday. I still don t know how things turned bad very quick, I did my research ,and I went to a well known "rhinoplasty specialist " in the US just to avoid the problems i m having now. I m not from the US and I took 3 flights , drove 8 hours to dallas to see this surgeon. my friends in my country went with a localsurgeon , she paid 1600 $ and her surgeon managed to make her very ugly nose naturally beautiful. I did not want to take the risks so I was willing to spend more to avoid one thing That i was afraid off, : I WAS AFRAID THAT A DOCTOR WILL PINCH MY NOSE AS I HATE PINCHED NOSES. so i set a budget of 20.000 $ to travel all the  way TO DALLAS  and stay i hotel just to have a natural nose. I meet my surgeon for consultation ,I asked for very subtle change to the bones ( 1mm off each side) and add little support to the tip , that s all nothing else as i had a pretty nose that fit my ethnic face very beautifully , I did not want to change my nose, i wanted to improve it. the first thing my surgeon suggested was to pinch my nose..I said "no", i love the width of my tip and i hate pointy small noses it would kill my look, plus i have a fragile ethnic cartilage that will not stand ant trimming! so we worked on a subtle change and we did computer simulation that didn t have any cartilage change . I was happy with how subtle it looked. the day of the surgery. i tell my doctor to remember how i hate pointy pinched noses as long as he doesn t givem e that i ll be happy. waking up from surgery was hard but i was happy i was alive, recovery was hard but i tought it would be worth the pain. cast removal , my nose was swollen, i woke one day after the second week , in look i the mirror i see this pointy pinched little nose !!! I had to look very hard ,,i was so confused ,I looked at my op report for the first time, after surgery , I started to google what my surgeon has done, he pinched my nose. I took my report to the closest surgeon ..he narrowed pinched , trimmed my cartilage and sutured to make it pointy !!! I had a major nervous breakdown, i felt raped, I m not a doctor but i knew that if you trim a small  nose like mine it will collapse . and it did collapse .:( PAINFULLY COLLAPSED, my surgeon said i had an infection, but i didn t like my nose before the infection. it was trimmed!! and the infection made it worst:( so to those who are thinking about rhinoplasty ,,think twice ..just keep your natural nose it s much better than a deformed nose.going into surgery i had a nice natural nose with no deformities.her are the deformities i have now :1-pinched pointy tip2-tip ptosis3-external valve collapse(collapsed nostriils)4-internal valve collapse( can 't breath)5-invetred v deformity6-retracted columella7-short nose8-upturned nose9-narrow nose10-contracted collapsed septum11-nerve damage that is causing me alot lot of pain and that is most likely permanentmy face has changed,i don't look the same anymore. i become so depressed , i couldn t work, i spent all my savings on doctors and meds, i lost my pretty face, my money, my carriere, my fiance, my friends ..basically my life went down hill. and i am in a very bad position right now. i lost faith n surgery and surgeons but i can t live like this anymore:(if you have had a revision rhinoplasty for a pointy pinched tip , collapsed nostrils, retracted columella,, please share your experience with me.