I am having my procedure done April 5th....Dr.Salama...anyone else gonna be there during that time

  • deedawnta
  • USA
  • 2 years ago

Very excited about this procedure.  I am going through a seperation and divorce and really want to do something for me.  I love this forum and have read I know at least a hundred reviews.  I plan on trying to keep everyone updated as I go through the experience.    Dee

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Ok so I just booked my flight today, got my lab work done yesterday and picked up my prescriptions....This is really happening....I'm paying some guy to suck fat outta me....I must be nuts.....lol...
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at least we will be super fine nuts.lol Im on the 2nd!
lol....VERY true!
OMG my friend just gave me an awesome website for the products that we need for pre and post surgery....they have the bomelain and arnica for like 5 and 6 dollars. http://www.swansonvitamins.com
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sorry i meant the Westin lol
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im going to start out at the Sole on the Ocean from 4/1-4/6
Awesome....inbox me and I will text you once I get to the Westin which will be the 4th. You will already be on your 2nd day of healing...smile
OK I would love that.Im actually staying at he westing from 4/6 to 4/9
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Im on the 2nd. Good luck ! Im scared and excited at the same time.
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Don't worry I'm sure you will look GREAT! I will be there on the 4th so I am sure we will see each other at some point. Let's keep in touch and encourage one another through the pain...smile
That's awesome....I'm staying at the Westin(only about 9 minutes from the office) You found a place yet?
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hey girl. im going to be staying at the best western from the 5th to the 13th......its almost time!!!! are you nervous
a little bit but I'm mostly excited about the procedure...I feel good about doing something like this for me. I feel guilty sometimes about spending the money but I also KNOW that I work hard and I deserve it. So bbl here I come....smile
Hey dee. I'm gonna be doing my surgery the day after yours. Where are u staying?
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