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My personal views of CELLULAZE

  • docblinski
  • Miami,Florida
  • 1 year ago

Well in April it will be a year since I began doing CELLULAZE "operations" Well over 80 cases completed. These are my "personal" findings/experiences. This surgery has a very high learning curve for the operating doctor, in my first 20 cases I followed the guidelines set by the Cynosure company to watts and amounts of energy used. But I wanted more and better results so I increased the watt setting to over 10 watts and delivered increasing amounts of energy. Result improved slightly, but at these higher settings the need for deeper anesthesia was noted. Also aggressive rolling of treated areas after the operation effected outcomes. As did use of topifoam and KINESIO taping. Healing still takes 6 months. I have done 12 repeat operative sessions with improvements seen. To me the % of reproducible acceptable outcomes are in the 70% range. But these results are very patient specific. If you are a Grade II than improvement should come more easily vs the Grade III's. At the end of the dat is CELLULAZE worth it? Only if your expectations are realistic and the grades of cellulite are not severe. But there is a long healing phase and 10% redos are to be expected. Seek CELLULAZE docs with at least 40 case experience. Good luck Regards from MIAMIĀ