What are my options, if any, for my cheeks?

  • hyperion
  • 11 months ago

So this site suggested I post my question here so here it is: I am a 25yr old female living in Chicago and am displeased with the lack of shape my lower face has. I feel that it makes me look too young and is just not the most aesthetically pleasing. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

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Hi Hyperion, I'm a 25 yr old ex-chipmunk. I had the same problem with my lower face so I decided to get a partial buccal fat removal + facial liposuction on my lower jaw (was causing pre-jowling) more than a month ago. I couldn't be happier with the results thus far. However, I wouldn't recommend this procedure to anyone. Buccal fat removal is NOT for everyone. It can look good for the right patients but it can look REALLY bad for others. It can make your face look gaunt, can cause skin sagging (if not done appropriately), and overall, can make you look a lot older. I've read reviews about buccal fat removal and it's a mix of good and bad. I decided to do partial buccal fat removal since I knew I'm a good candidate. I have a natural wide face with protruding cheekbones. Even when I suck my cheeks in, I still have a good volume going on. Right now, my results just keeps getting better after a month. I have a more sculpted look and no more pre-jowling. I actually feel younger but in a more attractive way. Overall, I would recommend that you consult with a "Board Certified" Plastic Surgeon. It's important that they are experienced, knowledgeable and will put your best interest first. Good luck!
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