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Will my nose look better than what it is now?

  • Johnnietwo2
  • 2 years ago

I had rhyno done 2 months ago and my nose was originally deviated to one side and i couldnt breathe out of my left nostril due to this, i had septoplasty done along with it which was covered by the health plan. The obejctive was to correct the breathing and make the nose not deviated to the one side. After the surgery my breathing is amazing compared to before but my nose is still deviated.My doctor is telling me to wait 9-12 months for the swelling to completly go down, but i just dont see it straightening its self out within that time. My tip of the nose is swollen still and looks really round, my nostrils now are different sizes and it looks like my nose was just broken by a punch and left that way, not to that extreme though. There also is a bump at the top of my nose where my nose bridges with my forhead so it looks weird because it is bigger on one side. I want to tell my doctor to go in for another post op surgery at the end of august to correct it because i am extremelyy disatisfied withit, i only paid $4500 but because it was minor work and alot of stuff was covered due to the septoplasty. Could i push for a post op at the end of this summer ( August 2012) ? please help me i am a little worried thanks :)

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Hmm, it still looks really swollen to the untrained eye (mine). I doubt any surgeon would go in that soon to do a revision. Most doctors want you to wait 6 to 12 months at least so you can see how it will look when the swelling subsides.

I'm also wondering if you went with an ENT, or an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery? There is a difference.

I hope you eventually like your results. Please keep us posted.

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