I had my nose job done in Asia, but really hate it. Need revision surgery.

  • sadsallyYuY
  • 2 years ago

It's been over five years and I've not had a chance to get it re-done.  How could I have walked around with this nose for such a long time?  It's a complicated story.  I know very well this is, not only an ugly nose, but an unnatural-looking one.  I have wide alars with begin with, and the implant, though it raised my bridge, only made my nose look twice as big.  I have small eyes, so this is not a pretty picture at all...  Did my old nose look better?  Well, at least it looked natural, and smaller.  I understand revision surgery is even more difficult.  I really want my second time to be perfect.  I don't want a 3rd revision, because I know the more you cut at the skin, the worse it gets.  Please, somebody help...