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My nervers are crazy 3 days before tummy tuck what can i do to feel better about this?

  • our3kids
  • 2 years ago

My surgery is schduled for 4/26/12 tummy tuck lipo and breast lift i am a  wreck.My nerves are crazy i dont understand why i feel this way, i have had cosmectic surgery before not this extreme tho..  and i don't recall feeling this way..I am also  30 now with 3 kids ages 13,8,4.I feel guilty but i want to do this for me at the same time..

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No worries mine went great you will be ok its so worth it 2 weeks today just a little swelling!:)
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My tt is in 2 days and im nervous is it normal cant stop thing about it
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Thank yo so much i will let u know how it goes one day left!
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Your feelings are totally normal. I thought I would be chowing down on all sorts of fun food before my tt but I was so nervous that I had no appetite and lost 3 lbs in 4 days b/c I also had the shits due to my anxiety. If it makes you feel any better, my fear of dying on the table was completely overridden by my fear of shitting on the table once I was under b/c my nerves were so crazy. They assured me I would not b/c everything slows down once you are under. I had a boob job 14 yrs ago and didnt have any anxiety but before the tt, I was a nervous wreck. I have small children so I am sure having kids also puts so much stress on the situation b/c God forbid something were to go wrong BUT, it won't. Just follow your PS instructions and all will be fine. best wishes for a speedy recovery. :)
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