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I had my lower bleph done a month ago and I have indentation where eye sockets meet the cheecks. Worried.

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  • 1 year ago

I have these noticeable indentation where my eyes meet my cheeks and dark circles. I look like a raccooon. Also my eyes seem still swollen and there is a slight assymetry as well. Went to see a doctor who prescribed me steroids to help with swelling which seemed to help a little.  I am worried this may be permanent. The doctor assured me that my eyes will improve and I need to give more time. Anyone had experience with indentations that corrected themselves? How long did that take?

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Same problem here. Don't go for fillers on cheeks as well. I did and it worsens the socket hollow !!! Another doctor gave me false hope when he filled the area with hyauloric Juvederm. The covered hollow last only a week and the socket remains hollow. I look goggled as the skin becomes stretched white rim around this socket ! So very sad now. Look as old as before and $4k poorer with traumatic feeling of knowing people see the irregularities and somewhat unnaturalness of my face now. Sigh !
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I am 3 months out and my eyes do look different but you have to point it out, I look much better and I see changes every week. The Dr said I would see changes in a year. The tops are perfect but the bottom as healing. He said he might have to do a pinch on the one eye. I trust my Dr and will wait for more healing. Everyone says I look amazing. Be patient but expect what you really wabted to be done but it does take time especially on the bottom
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Thanks for your reassurance. yes me too. it has been six weeks now and my eyes made tremendous improvements last week. So, I am optimistic now.
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I did not have that complication but would recommend that you post your question about the complication under the "ask a doctor" tab. Include pictures that clearly represent the problem. I posted my question and their answers have been very helpful in seeking out the help I need with my unusual upper eyelid complication.
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