My local dentist filed my teeth for crowns what can I do now?

  • jess83
  • 9 months ago

Im depressed 30 year old single mom.I trusted my local dentist. Now Im regreting it .The manager opened a care credit card n pressured me n I cracked ,so mad at myself I know he only cared abouthis cut. I know 5 of my teeth could of been restored in another manner. Now I have a temp on my front six teeth n I want to know if theres any other option that can be done to save 5 of my six.I really cant affordmuch right now,but can my care credit be transfered over ,so depressed. He said my permanents come in 2 wks. Does anyone know of a free consultation. By a cosmetic dentist in thecity?

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I'm sorry that you are unhappy with your situation. :(.  I recently had a crown done and I'm very happy with the result.  It is a relatively conservative treatment, as it allows a good deal of your tooth to survive.  More than removing the tooth altogether and getting an implant.  Were you thinking that the teeth could just have been drilled and filled?  Mine was a filling that started leaking and so had to be replaced with a crown.

Can you tell us what city you are in, in case some may know of a dentist to refer you to?
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I think sime of my teeth could if been saved.I think a cosmetic doctor would of given me more options.I had old fillings that needed to be replaced.I think I could of held out much longer.I'm not sure if the dentist was entirely honest.Now I have the temps on and all my other teeth are bothering me.They deal with many cases like mine and I just felt so pressured n I wanted to consult other actual cosmetic dentist. Inwood area that's Manhattan
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Oy! So definitely expensive.  I noticed Dr. Hoeffner answered your question, though so hopefully you found that helpful.  For what it's worth, I had some sensitivity and irritation issues with my temp, but my perm is great.  It took about a week and now it's better than new.  

Good luck, whichever route you choose.
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Defiantly dental implants can give you back your smile. The TwoPlusOne has recommended a Dr. Hoeffner. I would like to suggest one more Dr.Steve Mangan. I hope both doctors defiantly help to you.
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