I had my lips tattooed but they came out too light

  • NBN21
  • 1 year ago

I had permenant makeup lip liner and it came out too light, not bright but light and my actual lip color is darker. Please does anyone know how can I remove this I just want my natural lip back, I've been crying for days now I know removing dark colors is harder but what about light colors??? What are the options I'm thinking of exfoliating but are there any options. Please I need help!! :(

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have you thought about laser tattoo removal?
Hi, how about using lipstick that is similar to your actual lip color?It is much easier to cover light color than dark. From my point of view your lips look actually not that bad.Say between 1-10 if 10 is very,very bad I'd see your lips number 1.I hope you have found solution.
E.N - It's been 6 months and my lips are back to normal !! Thank god. I also consulted a doctor about this and she told me light pigments always fade faster. Patience was my solution.