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How can I get my kid to wear his Invisalign trays?

  • 1 year ago

My son has Invisalign and he doesn't wear them as often as he should. Both our ortho and I have hounded him, but with limited success. What is the best way to encourage a teen to wear his trays?

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I don't think that Invisalign would be in business if teens cared about how their teeth would look in 30 years. I can say that as an adult I find the aligners to be a big pain, and the only motivation to me is that I paid a lot of money for them.
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I had my daughter sign an agreement before I paid for hers, she'd lose phone, friends, then finally car if she didn't take it seriously. It worked and she's got such a pretty smile now!
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I like your approach, Lowie11 - you set the expectations for her clearly ahead of time, and the consequences escalated in severity if she didn't hold up her end of the agreement. Well done!

I only think that this would work if the teen really wanted Invisalign. If the orthodontist and parent had to talk him into it, maybe a system of rewards would have better results.

Yeah I can see that, or just go with traditional braces. ;)

How old is he? My son wanted invisalign but you have to be very disciplined to have these, I am 43 and it was sometimes hard for me to keep them in constantly!
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Perhaps appealing to his vanity: How can he expect to be a chick magnet if he can't smile with confidence? Might not be important now but maybe soon... ;) I saw a program recently (Embarrassing Bodies) where they tracked a young guy with terrible oral hygiene and teeth who turned his life around once he had everything corrected: more confidence=better relationships+better job=better life all round. Of couse it is not a magic bullet but it sure helps. As we know, youth is wasted on the young, and 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing!
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Force him. Physically, if you have to. If he's too strong for you or your husband to MAKE him do something, you probably should have gotten the ortho work done sooner anyway. Parents these days... sheesh.
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Blake95712, this is a seriously creepy post. You're either not a real parent... or you're an abusive one.

Ask him if he wants to spend thousands of his own dollars to fix his teeth and repeat the process as an adult. :) I had braces for almost 4 years and nighttime headgear throughout high school, then determined I was too cool to be wearing my retainer in the dorms in college. Annnnd, here I am spending thousands on orthodontic work when I'd rather put it towards a vacation.

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