My Journey with breast reconstruction after mastectomy

  • rachel_joy
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • 1 year ago

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel. I'm 22, living in Santa Monica, CA. I'm BRCA2+ and last year (exactly a year ago today, actually) I had a prophylactic double mastectomy with tissue expander reconstruction at UCLA. A few days after my mastectomy I started a blog called Ticking Time Bombs to document my experience. The URL is I've shared some of the details of my story on a RealSelf My Journey: I now have 800 cc style 45 silicone implants and I love them!

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Amazing girl with an uplifting attitude! As I've said before Rachel, your blog has helped me immensely. I'm sure many other feel the same way.
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Rachel, I read your entire blog last week as I was coming out of my anesthesia fog. I truly appreciated your chronicle- warts and all. I posted a little note on my own site about the recent Angelina Jolie announcement. After reading your blog and having my own very different experience than she had, I thought it might help some women make the decision to have surgery a little easier. Thanks for your diligent banging away at the keyboard! Check out my response to Angelina Jolie here: jen woodring dot me
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You are one brave girl!Congratulation!
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Congratulations on this incredible journey! Your story will offer wisdom, courage and much more to many women. Thank you for sharing and supporting our communities!

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