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My initial estimated time to wear invisilign was 12 months now its only 5??

  • Pursuitofhappiness2013
  • 1 year ago

So i was originally quoted 12 months to wear invisilign. Which in response i was shocked and pleasantly surprised. Because to be honest my lower front teeth are way out of alignment. So when i got my trays today they told me it was only going to take 5 months. It sounded good at first but something just doesnt seem right about that to me. Id rather wear them longer and get it done properly than fast and disastisfactory results or permanent damage. Some other side notes. I have had all wisdom teeth removed plus one in my lower front in between my canines when i was younger because of extreme crowding.  

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Ha! My teeth only needed minor adjustments as I had worn metal braces as a teen. I was told a nine month treatment would work, I'm now in my 14th month and waiting patiently (?) for my second set of refinement trays. Grrr
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Ok so I think think then lady that helped me try the trays on did her math wrong. I have 20 trays. Which should be about 10 months if you change them every two weeks. (If Im not misaken). One thing im concerned about is that i wasnt shown my end result photos on the computer. Another thing is i am curious as to how it might look because i only have 3 lower front teeth between my lower canine teeth. If its not looking good Id prefer to get some sort of cosmetic work done to correct the appearance. Any imput on this situation at all?
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Did you ask the doctor about the reason for the change? Also do you know if you were switched to Invisalign Express? Here is a Q&A that might help you determine that if you are uncertain:

Am I Getting Invisalign Express?

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