my implants are too small... i think... :(

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  • 2 years ago

Just had my b.a on may 2 2012 and when I woke up I notice there wasn't much there. Dr before me 420 CC under the muscle mod round plus, I was a 34a before. Idk it looks good naked but with clothes on u can't see anything there. Idk wat size bra I am yet. I'm still having lots of tightness and pressure! I wish I was normal again!!! I'm tire of being tire and I'm tire of having so much discomfort! Maybe I'm regretting this b.a. every morning I awake with super tightness pressure and discomfort I hate mornings now. I can't sleep on my side only my back and now my back is killing me! The strap is annoying and gosh I wanna be normal again idk how long I can go living like this.... I hope it heals soon I wanna be able to live normally again.... I hope the d&f stage will give me more boobies and less pressure n tightness! Does anyone have any pic of their d&f process? I'm desperate to know and I'm new here so I don't know how to upload any pics yet... Pls give me some advs as they r greatly needed! Thanks!!!!!!

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I feel the same as u with a shirt on I'm still flat chested. Mornings I can't move. It doesn't help that my husband can't do anything for himself. So I haven't had any rest. Even the night of surgery. I list my antibiotic and I had to drive to pharmacy to get it. And get dinner for the kids. Idk. I'm just overwhelmed that my breasts are too small I'm in pain cause I'm not resting. I have no family to help me
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Did you ever post any pics?
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OK thanks!
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Hi, I felt just what you described and I am sorry you are going through that, I always felt that way but a nurse told me my skin would stretch so a just tolerated it for 17 yrs.
Take them out ASAP don't wait. I have arthritis now due to those implants. Good luck
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Hi I'm doing alot better now!!! Nipples r still sore n sensitive and its still tight but I'm almost normal now... should I still be concern?
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Hi there,

I'm really sorry you're having such a tough time with this recovery. You're only 5 days out, so try to take deep breaths and relax. You're still in early days.

If you'd like to start your story in RealSelf's breast implant community (where you can post updates and add photos/video), go here to start that.

I hope they drop and fluff soon so you can be comfortable again. Keep us posted!

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