my implants are too small... i think... :(

  • kajal5
  • 2 years ago

Just had my b.a on may 2 2012 and when I woke up I notice there wasn't much there. Dr before me 420 CC under the muscle mod round plus, I was a 34a before. Idk it looks good naked but with clothes on u can't see anything there. Idk wat size bra I am yet. I'm still having lots of tightness and pressure! I wish I was normal again!!! I'm tire of being tire and I'm tire of having so much discomfort! Maybe I'm regretting this b.a. every morning I awake with super tightness pressure and discomfort I hate mornings now. I can't sleep on my side only my back and now my back is killing me! The strap is annoying and gosh I wanna be normal again idk how long I can go living like this.... I hope it heals soon I wanna be able to live normally again.... I hope the d&f stage will give me more boobies and less pressure n tightness! Does anyone have any pic of their d&f process? I'm desperate to know and I'm new here so I don't know how to upload any pics yet... Pls give me some advs as they r greatly needed! Thanks!!!!!!