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Will my frown lines come back worse after Botox?

  • Karen from England
  • England
  • 2 years ago

I've been thinking about getting Botox for a while now. I've tried a few creams, some quite expensive and have had varying results. I have quite a creased forehead and I think I look older than I am.   If I do take the plunge and get the injections, will my frown lines come back stronger if I don't repeat the treatment? I don't want to be stuck in a ritual of using Botox every few months and I don't want to be looking even worse if take a long break from treatment.   Has anybody had the injections only once or a few times? Can you decide not to have Botox again after the first time and be OK?

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I m so confused. Got my v first botox done on forehead exactly a month ago for my visible horizontal frown lines. I saw immidiate results, was v happy, i wasnt able to frawn or lift brows n i was really happy abt it. In less than a month the lines r coming back again, i m able to lift brows & frown. I was told the botox was going to work for 4-6 months. I spent Dhs.1800 and it didnt last for even a month. I went to the dermatologist again asked him whats wrong.. And his tone was different this time, as if "its none of his problem if botox didnt last enugh"... I asked him how much he had injected, but he sarcastically said "i m the doctor or u r, i gave u as much as u required, i know my job etc etc" I was like, no i m only asking to add to my own knowledge how much was injected for my forehead.. But he didnt anwser my question, and decided to do the touchup. After the touchup (2 pricks) he said he gave me more. But it has no effect at all, lines r same, and i m lifting brows like normal. 1- Either (in touch up) he only pricked without any medicine & simply fooled me. Because i only felt the needle prick but not the medicine entering (like 1st time i felt the pain) 2- or something is actually wrong with me that botox isnt working on me. I definetly dont want to go back to that doctor.
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That sounds like a pretty crumby experience, sorry to hear. :-/ It seems for some people it actually does just run through their system faster (I happen to be one of those people). Here are some Q&A's that might be of interest to you:

How Long Will a Vial of Botox Last?

Botox Dilution: How to Be Sure You Get the Units of Botox Paid for

How Long Does Botox Last?

I would love it if you would start a review so we can continue to follow you through your experience and find out if it was just the way your body reacts or if it had more to do with the actual injections you received.

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Thank you Megan P there are a lot of informative responses on the Q&A.

Thank you as well Josie for your personal input on the matter, I think I may go for it soon.
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If you decide to try it, we would love to hear how it goes for you!

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I had botox over a year ago for the same reason as you and to be honest I was quite disappointed with how long it lasted. About 3 months I'd say then my wrinkles came back the same (certainly not worse) than before. It's just expensive to keep it up, as much as I loved the initial results! But no, the lines aren't stronger than they were. The  more often you go for sessions the less frequently you'll need to go for touch ups. I'm currently debating whether or not to carry on so to reap the long term benefits.

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Here is a Q&A that talks about that very concern:

When Stopping the Use of Botox, Do Wrinkles Become Worse Than Before Treatment?

It would be great to hear from some community members who have stopped using Botox, or have used it intermittently, and know what their experience was.


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