Can I Have My Eyebrows Lightened

  • missninamae
  • 2 years ago

Naturally, my hair is dark blonde, and depending on the light, faint auburn undertones.  Very faint!  I have blonde highlights. And, with no penil (or tatooing!), my eyebrows are so light, they are almost not visible. About 8 years ago, I had my eyebrows and lips done.  I wasn't happy with either procedure, but learned to live with it!  Finally, the rather brownish liner around my lips faded.  I distinctly remember the name of the color that was used on my eyebrows.  It was "fawn".  Then, about 4 years ago, my eyebrows turned carrot orange!      Just about a year ago, I went to another permanent make-up artist.  Be seeing her work, and reading her bio, I believed her to be an artist, and able to correct my eyebrows.  Within 6 months, my eyebrows are again carrot red!    I don't want to try another color!!!! I do not want to put another color over my eyebrows.  Being as fair as I am, I don't want anything harsh looking.    I have seen many answers for a solution.Some say laser won't work with this type of ink.    Some say there are products that work to lighten the tatoo.      I'm new to this site.  So, I'm hoping I can get some reliable advice.  Or, a straight answer that I'm stuck with these awful eyebrows!    Thanks!!!!

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Wow, I'm sorry to hear what happened with your eyebrows. :( I'm guessing you are using a regular eyebrow pencil to cover up the orange color(??).

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