My explant procedure was low-cost and low-pain!

  • maryinmich
  • 1 year ago

Hi.  My implants were 20 yrs old, so I decided to have them out.  At the first appt at the plastic surgeon's he simply drained the saline.  It was clear fluid.  Then he gave me a week (or more) to decide if I wanted reconstruction surgery or more implants.  It turned out that I am fine now with my real breasts.  I'm 59 yrs old, and don't demand as much of myself as I used to!  So at the second appt the dr. simply made an incision under each breast and removed the implants.  They were submuscular.  I did not have any encapsulation.  Yes it hurt for a while, but it was manageable.  Easy peasy!  And altogether about $600!!!!   Best of all, I think some related problems are disappearing!  Neck and shoulder and rib pain and problems plus fibromyalgia.  Exciting to wait and see!   So I just wanted to post this to let some of you know that it can be easier than you might think.