My experience with Juveni / Pmma

  • MissyMissy
  • 5 months ago

So guys, Juveni did it's nasty trick for me. For the first time, I tried it last year. Back then, my experience was just positive. Though the swelling was pretty bad (worse than from any hyaluronic stuff!) and lasted for 3 days, my lips looked good and the result lasted for at least 8 months. I used the HA volumizer. Had to buy 3 ml but I used only 1,5 of it, my lips were so swelled I think they would explode if I would use the whole syringe. I had a couple of hard lumps that didn't go away, but I heard you can get them with any filler. I was reading all the time this forum and must admit, I thought that all the negative comments come from Juveni business competitors. Well, last week I had my second Juveni injections, this time not so lucky.. I ordered 1 ml syringe this time and was planning to use all of it. Thank God something stopped me from doing that: I injected only 0,2 ml to the corners of my lips. The next day, swelling was as bad as from 1,5 I had last year. Now, the swelling went down, but my lips are red, sore and the worst thing, I noticed yesterday 2 white spots, so I squeezed them and A LOT of yellowish pus came out! Seems to be bacterial infections. I'm trying to stay positive and using oregano oil. I have to squeeze the pus out of my lips twice a day. Let me say, this was the last time for me to deal with this company. Makes me angry, why, WHY they can't keep and eye on their products??? Their syringes seems to be like the lottery, half is infected with the unknown shit.