My Experience, 4 Days Out From Surgery

  • mollyrose
  • 1 year ago

I am 4 days out from my upper eyelid revisions.   The dark red color is nearly gone but now I have bruising down into my upper cheekbone area which is not that bad.   I cn already see better (which was the reason for the surgery).   No soreness other than itchiness where the sutures are healing.   Still applying the ointment which is the worst part because of the blurry vision afterward.   I would totally do this again with no hesitation.   Even bruised and battered, my eyes look better and I see better already   

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Hi! I am 5 days out from upper and lower eyelid and brow lift. I am still swollen , looks better every day! I have the itching and blurry vision from ointment . Everything is what I was told! I have no pain. Looking forward to getting stitches out! I would do it all over again.
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