How do I tell someone my breasts are fake?

  • LouiseD23
  • 2 years ago

It's been about six months since I got my BA and I love them! They look and feel great! However, my boyfriend of a year and I just broke up two months ago and I'm starting to date, be social again. I've been talking to a few exes (aye yi yi) lol via txt and we exchanged pictures and both guys were like did you get a boob job?! and I said yes, i made a few alterations since you've seen me last! and then I aways get the they look great but you didnt need to do that! I say thanks and move on. But I'm really worried about having to tell a potential bf that I have fake boobs! I know a lot of guys are anti-implants and I hate to think it would hurt my chances with someone but I dont want to lie either...? I never even thought about this before I got them because I thought I was with "the one". I'm super nervous and a little insecure for this to come up.. I'm not sure how to handle it when it does... Any suggestions?!