My Breast Scar Under my Breast is Inward my Skin, Appearing Like a Pocket Under my Breast

  • Cerpentina126
  • California
  • 2 years ago

Hi, I have 3 weeks post op my breast augmentation. I got 500cc under the muscle silicone. Before I was a small B, as of now I think I might be a small D or full C. Thou my left breast looks totally different from my right one. I am very concern because I don't know if it's normal due that I only have 3 weeks post op or there is something wrong. I got my incision below my breast crest. My right breast looks nice and full but my left breast looks weird.

The incision scar pulls up inside inward under my breast, making it appear like it has a under small pocket. Making the implant hard to settle down because of the tight scar inward. I talked to my doctor and said it will get fix by it self with time when the implants drop, but I don't think he is being honest about it or I am jus overreacting... I been massaging the scar tissue to see if that helps soften the scar and maybe detach the scar, but I don't know if that will help... Had anyone had the same problem? Did it got fixed over time... Or maybe I have to get a scar revision... Please help... Any adviced will be much appreciated .