How can my breast scar from a chest tube be fixed?

  • agirl81
  • 2 years ago

I'm 29. I have a scar under my left breast from a chest tube, placed shortly after I was born. The breast tissue is not involved. The scar forms an indentation in the area directly under the wire of an under wire bra. It moves freely with my skin. The scar only slightly effects the shape of the lower left breast. It's less noticeable when I'm thinner and my breasts are a little smaller. I wasn't bothered by the scar until a few years ago when I realized it could be fixed. Now I hate it. Would this qualify as "reconstructive surgery"?  Is it likely that insurance would cover it?  Is there any possibility that the scar removal could be done with local anesthesia? I already posted on the doctor Q&A but wanted to post here as well so I can interact.  I'd like to post multiple photos but I don't know how!  I have more photos on my Q&A post.

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So others can benefit from the answer to the Q&A you submitted, here is a link to the Q&A you submitted.

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Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and what you find out.