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How will my boxy tip nose look like after surgery?

  • Hardy12345
  • 2 years ago

so im 17, and i wondering how my nose would look like after surgery. I asked my doctor how my nose would look like after surgery and if he can show me that on a computer program but he said there is no way to find out.   I don't really trust my doctor but he's preformed many rhinoplasties and all of his patients are very satisfied with him.Anyways, i was wondering if a doctor could answer my question because my surgeon couldn't ( for example a celebrity ect.)   Thank you :)

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Hi there and welcome to RealSelf! Sadly, no surgeon is going to be able to tell you exactly how your nose will turn out, especially a surgeon who's not operating on you. If you don't trust your surgeon, I strongly urge you to find a board certified facial plastic surgeon who you do trust. You really don't want to have to get a revision, cuz they're a really difficult surgery and very expensive. Make sure you communicate extensively with whatever surgeon you choose so they know exactly what you do and don't want. Good luck!