My blue peel turned very bad (post inflamatory hyperpigmentation) I don't know what to do, need your advice.

  • optimiste
  • 2 years ago

I had a blue peel done 25 days ago by an estheticien after a pretreatement with tretunion and hydroquinone during 6 weeks. She aplied 2 coats all over the face and 2 extra coats on my cheeks where I have some some dark spots. It was very very painful and the second day my cheeks looked very red even before to start to peel, I started to peel the day 3, and I finished peeling the day. My face looked very nise and fresh but my cheeks were very red, like a real burn, I went back to the SPA, she told me, it;s very normal, every thing will be good in few days, just continue to apply the obagi action and restart tretunion after a week. The redness start to become brown, I went back the day 16, she told me to stop tretunion and gave me revale intense recovry treatment, since then my cheeks became darker and darker. I'm very afraid to stay like this. PS: The day of the peel, she told me that it's a 30% peel and the day 16  when things started to get complicated, I asked her may be the error was on the percentage of peeling, she denied it and said no it was 20%.  

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so how's your skin condition now? did it fade away?