I had my bl/br surgery with augmentation on January 15th and I have pain only in one spot is this normal?

  • lilblondie1976
  • British Columbia Canada
  • 1 year ago

Hi, I'm hoping someone can put my mind at ease.  The minute I woke up from surgery and since I have had pain in one spot and only that spot.  I had a breast lift with a small reduction with a 250 cc silicone implant.  Well I guess 2 because one in each breast ;)  The pain is constant and gets worse when I stand or do anything, it at the T junction on my left breast under the crease.  It's in one spot only and is a feeling of someone pinching me but with their nails.  It's not overly painful by any means but it scares me and stops me from doing anything normal because it hurts.  I can't even walk or move without it hurting.  My PS and the nurse both say it's ok and he felt for the mondors cord(?) They leave the brown tapes on for 3 weeks before removing so I can't see if the T junction is open.  But I also feel llike i'm over reacting it may be just a stitch beside a nerve and touching it constantly.  But whatever it is I haven't seen anyone else complain about so it worries me.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.