I am having my BBL in Miami, FL in February 2012 with Dr. Pat Pazmino. I'm a nervous wreck! Anyone experienced Dr. Pazmino?

  • ThatGyrl
  • 2 years ago

After a few months of deliberation with myself, I decided to take on the project of a BBL!  Working for a hospital, I can obtain a 25% discount wtih the in-house surgeon however despite the $2400 price difference, I decided to go to Dr. Pat Pazmino.  I love his results, the iConsult(s), the staff was awesome to talk to, very informative and make me feel at ease.  Now that the deposit has been made, flight booked and i'm currently searching for hotel/vacation rentals, i'm starting to get a bit nerv'4ous.  I'm so excited that my sister is able to take the trip with me! I am 5'4 and currently weigh 186 lbs.  I purposely gained a few more pounds to be certain that doc has more than enough to give me the 1000cc per cheek that he stated he can apply.  I don't recall at this time how many liters he was going to remove.  I want a small waist and a nice round butt.  My concern is to have some roundness that looks as natural as possible definitely enough to go with the rest of my frame.  I am a 36DD and a size 12.  The plans are as follow:  Scultping - Back Scoop, remove a little fat from the back of my upper thighs (for the butt hangover) :-) LIPO - lower and mid back (i'm hoping he can take some away from my upper back and under my arms in the bra area...), abdomen, love handles and flanks.  Fatt Graft - Adding more to the hips and to the butt to make it much more curvy.  My concern is i don't want a "porno" booty or video vixen booty LOL.  I just want it nice, full, very curvy and NATURAL!  on the other hand i don't want to have to go through all of this and feel like Dr. Pazmino has not placed enough fat into my butt...  I have various pics of my motivation/ideal booty that I will post. My cocerns are:  I don't know what to expect after the surgery...  The ladies at the facilities are saying how several women pain is very tolerable and they offset it with Extra Strength Tylenol along with antibiotics doc prescribes to keep down infection and I have a concern with my fluctuating blood pressure...  I'm prehypertension so it's not out of wack but one minute i'll be at a 120/87 and the next 140/97.  It's a bit irritating b/c I don't want to have to fly all the way out to Florida for doc to say he can't perform the procedure b/c of my blood pressure.  Is this something you all think they can control in less than a 2 week period? These concerns are making a bit nervous which of course will not help the blood pressure issue.  Other than that, I feel i'm healthy and ready to go! Feel free to give me any advise on post care, let me know your experience if you just had the procedure and of course if you are a past patient of Dr. Pazmino, do share!   Feel free to post or email me   Thanks! #ScaredAsHeckYetExcited!!!