My attachments look horrible!! What happens without them?

  • Calgirl2000
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  • 2 years ago

I am on my second tray and just got these attachments on several teeth, including the front teeth that are very noticeable and look much worse than my teeth before invisalign. I am an over 40 professional and cannot deal with these for 9 months! The color does not match and they protrude significantly. What happens if I get them removed? I already paid in full and did not know about these attachments until The appt where they show you the video of your teeth and projected results. I was also told they were very small, not noticeable, and identical color to teeth. I plan on going back to discuss options next week. I have had the attachments for only a week and I am so self conscious I am not smiling anymore. And of course I have a lisp too. I don't mind the trays only or the attachments on lower teeth either. Anyone have advice on best way to proceed?  See photos.  Lisa

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I'm sorry to hear you are disliking the attachments so much. Here is a Q&A that helps explain their purpose:

What Are Invisalign "Buttons" and Where Are They Attached.