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My 4week old blepharplasty has turned into continuous tears , anyone have this problem?

  • California
  • 1 year ago

I am having difficulty typing or reading because my eyes just pour tears. It's only been 4 week since surgery but the 1st 3 weeks were fine, I don't have allergies or suffer from dry eyes. I already have my appointment to see a opthomalagist next week but if someone else has dealt with this please advise Thanks

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I have had upper and lower blepharoplasty 4 weeks ago and also have problems with tearing in my right eye. I think it is due to dry eyes so I am frequently using lubricating drops in my eyes. It is definitely worse when I am reading, on the computer or watching TV so might be due to eye strain. My right eyelid is still swollen so will discuss concerns with my doctor tomorrow. I was expecting my recovery to progress a little faster so am getting quite discouraged. Good luck. Hopefully the ophthalmologist can be helpful.
Hi grtnkct, I am about 9 weeks post op now and have had numerous problems with my eyes, tearing, burning, unable to read, computer use was very limited. I went to my opthomologist first to see if my eyes had damage during the bleph, luckily he said no except my eyes weren't closing properly. Then the ps stitched my eyes outer corners together to help them close, sounds pretty gruesome right? It was just horrendous , back to opthomologist and he said ps has to remove stitch and he did. Still dry eyes quite intensely. I tried massage on my eyelids and tons of drops, regular type daytime and gel drops at bedtime. My eye guy then put tear duct plugs in both eyes and it has gradually started to get better. I was very worried going through this and now I am feeling a little better about it. I didnt have the problems until about 2/1/2 weeks post op. I suggest you see a opthomoligist and get examined and you'll know what the heck is going on. I can totally relate to your feeling discouraged and I hope you don't have the problems I have. My husband took pictures every night after I was sleeping to show how much they closed, I believe that the massage and tear duct plugs were most helpful. Don't forget you aren't seeing the coming results yet, are you still swollen or bruised? Keep us posted on your recovery and best of luck to your poor little eyeballs. Hope you see some relief soon as it's a royal nuisence trying to focas etc. Hang in there!
Overactive tears are usually caused by dry eyes. What was the outcome with the Optho guy?

I remember my eyes being more watery a few weeks after a lower bleph.  I think it was the incision site irritating my eyes (I had a transconjunctive bleph so the incisions were inside the lower lid).  When they were getting runny I'd use a saline rinse and that seemed to help whatever was causing the tearing.

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Good luck with the Dr appointment, let us know how it goes!